Puppy Training Tips

Getting a new puppy can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. There’s just something so wonderful about their big puppy eyes, their heartfelt adoration, jubilant and of course their adorable puppy antics.

So what’s a new puppy owner to do?  Start with a tried and true puppy training guide to get your household back in order and develop a lifelong relationship with your new puppy.

Puppies respond to praise.  One of the most difficult hurdles for many new dog owners to get overPuppy Training Tips Ad.jpg is the fact that positive reinforcement works a hundred times better than negative reinforcement.

A pat on the head and a treat will have a stronger impact on your dog’s behavior and training than a loud yell and a smack on the rear.

One teaches fear and causes anxiety and a whole host of other problems, the other encourages your dog to continue to do the right thing to earn more treats and praise. It doesn’t matter what you’re training them to do, positive reinforcement just works better. This is perhaps the single most important puppy training tip to remember as your puppy grows.

Puppy In CrateBe consistent. Puppies need to feel secure and consistency will not only help them learn the rules more quickly, it will help them feel more secure in your home. This is important because a dog that feels safe and secure will not only behave better, they’ll trust you more easily and will learn faster during dog training sessions.

Establish a top dog, quickly. Your puppy will be looking to find their place in the pack. The sooner you establish your role as the leader, the easier it will be. Now this doesn’t mean grabbing your puppy, throwing them on their back and growling at them.

It means being the one to feed them, to take them outside to go to the bathroom, to place them in their crate and to train them. You can most often establish your role as the leader without resorting to alpha dog tactics.

Start training your puppy right away. If getting on the couch is not allowed, don’t let them get on the couch ever. It’s tempting to let them sit with you on the couch when they’re so cute and small but you’re establishing a confusing pattern right from the get go. Decide what the rules are, begin training them immediately, and stick to your guns.

Socialize. One of the most important and useful puppy training tips is to make sure your dog is well socialized. This can be accomplished in the early weeks and months of their life by exposing them to new people and situations. In the long run being well socialized will mean your puppy will obey your commands in any environment. This is important for their safety and of course will make life with a dog much easier.Dogs Socializing

Training your puppy takes several ingredients. It takes patience, a plan, consistency and above all it takes love and appreciation for your new puppy. Granted, some days will be easier than others however as your dog grows and your training begins to take shape, you’ll be glad you stuck to these puppy training tips and devoted the time and energy to learning to train your puppy the right way.


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