Puppy Training Guide

Picking A Puppy Training Guide

One of the first action steps a new puppy owner will likely take is to start training their puppy. This is great because a good training program will help your puppy quickly learn the rules of the home. The sooner you start, the better behaved your dog will be and the happier you’ll be. However, it’s often difficult to know what you should be teaching your puppy and how you should be training them. Of course dog obedience courses are an option, and a good option, however you’re still very much on your own at home. The solution is to find a quality puppy training guide.

Benefits of a Puppy Training Guide

Having a guide to walk you through your puppy’s training will be immensely useful. You’ll have the ability to access it whenever you have time to train your puppy, even if that’s several small training sessions each day.

If you have a training guide, you can push rewind or flip back to the previous page if you need to repeat or relearn a lesson and pick up any puppy training tips you might have missed the first time.

A puppy training guide means you don’t have to remember everything because there are a huge number of “lessons” to teach your puppy including:

  • House breaking
  • No barking
  • Not to bite or growl – no acts of aggression
  • No jumping on guests
  • Leash training
  • Not to chew on things that don’t belong to them
  • No begging for food at the table

A puppy training guide also means you can travel with your puppy, and your guide, and train from any location. It eliminates the restriction of only training in the classroom during scheduled classes.

Of course not all puppy training guides are created equally. In order for you to receive the most benefit from your training materials you want to find a guide that meets several important criteria.

What to Look For In a Puppy Training Guide

Boy Training PuppyWhat is the approach?  Does the guide reference punishment or positive reinforcement?  Positive reinforcement is far and away the most successful approach to training most animals including dogs. Dogs want to please you, and they are often food motivated, so a “good boy” and a treat will go a lot further to train them than hitting and yelling. Negative reinforcement causes fear and aggression, positive reinforcement causes eagerness and learning. Find a puppy training guide that uses positive reinforcement.

Look for a puppy training guide that trains like you learn. This is important because people learn and comprehend information differently. Some may prefer reading a printed book while others may prefer a video or DVD training guide. Actually, video or DVD training guides are quite popular because you can see how the trainer works with the puppy for each individual trick or lesson. It often helps to see the training techniques demonstrated.

Look for a puppy training guide that teaches what you need to know. Sure it’s cute for your dog to give you a high five but is that really going to make your living situation any better?  What you really want to train your puppy to do is go to the bathroom outside, to not bark, to not chew on the furniture, to not jump on people and so on. The “cute” tricks can come a little later once a solid behavior foundation has been set.

The right puppy training guide will help you set the stage for a great future with your new puppy. You’ll learn how to set rules, teach them to your dog and create a rewarding relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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