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"Watch Short, FUN Online Videos That Reveal:

How To Use Your Puppy's Natural Stages of Brain Development To Get Training Results FASTER
... Without Using Harsh Discipline!

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From the desk of Chet Womach
Author of #1 Best-Seller 'Hands Off Dog Training'

Monday, 10:38 a.m.

Dear New Puppy Owner,

Your new puppy is a sponge...

During the first 9 to 14 months of your puppy’s life, you can expect them to learn 400% FASTER than any adult dog!

So the Puppy Programming™ Video Library has been created to help you take advantage of this phase of accelerated learning to teach your puppy:

... All using a series of short, fun-to-watch online videos, featuring REAL puppies and dogs, with REAL trainers!

There are no boring books to read. No inconvenient classes to attend.

Instead, using 4-5 videos per week that you can watch on your home computer, we'll show you how to tap into your puppy's natural stages of psychological development to quickly and easily teach them all the most important skills they'll need to thrive in your world...

... In just 12 short weeks!

Teach Your Puppy What Behaviors Are 'Good' And 'Normal'

... BEFORE He Writes His Own Rulebook!

The first 14 months of your puppy’s life are CRITICAL.

I call this period the Imprinted Lifeskills Phase – because absolutely everything your puppy learns about the world and their role in it during this period will stick with them FOR LIFE...

... Even if what they learn is WRONG!

For example, let’s say your puppy learns that it's "normal" to pull the leash while you walk. Or that it’s okay to run out of your view at the park. Or that it’s 'cute' when he growls at strangers who come to your home.

Can you change these behaviors later? Sure...

With re-training, you can teach your matured dog to perform a new behavior.

But here's what's important to understand:

If you WAIT to train your puppy until they’re older... Or make training mistakes during the Imprinted Lifeskills Phase... you'll always be asking the dog to do something DIFFERENT from their 'normal.'

It's far easier to train GOOD BEHAVIORS as 'normal' during the first 14 months of their puppyhood than it is to fight their imprinted world view later and RE-TRAIN.

And that's what the Puppy Programming™ Video Library has been created to accomplish - to imprint GOOD behaviors during the 14 months of life when your puppy is most eager and receptive to learning new information!

Just25 Minutes Per Week

Perhaps this is starting to sound complicated or hard...

Let me assure you, it's not.

If you can...

1. Agree to watch 4 or 5 short, entertaining video clips on your computer each week (for just 12 short weeks!)...

2. Spend 10-15 minutes per day doing ‘formal’ training with your puppy...

3. And involve your puppy in your daily life, looking for natural opportunities to apply our weekly lessons to everyday situations...

... Then we'll do the rest!

You won't need a degree in Canine Psychology. You won’t need to purchase supplementary books. Or attend 'puppy classes' at 8:30 p.m. on a Wednesday at some pet store 45 minutes from your home.

No, if you'll just agree to watch the weekly videos and spend ‘fun time’ with your new puppy over the next 12 weeks, I'll share our proven system for shaping your puppy’s behaviors...

... Without using ANY form of harsh physical discipline.

(In fact, there won't be ANY negative discipline at all!)

Instant Web Access To 12 Weeks of Training Videos
Means You Can Start TODAY!

With Puppy Programming™, your training starts immediately -- at home!

Because to keep this program affordable for me to produce (and you to purchase), I deliver the complete 12-week video training series via a private viewing website.

You’ll be provided with password access the minute you register.

Here's what it looks like:

... So you'll have INSTANT ACCESS to watch the first 4 weeks of training videos, just minutes after signing up!

So you can start right away, training...

... And that’s just the beginning!

The Complete 12-Week Program, Available In The Online Video Library,
Covers All EIGHT Of The Following Learning Objectives:



Bringing a new puppy into your home is an exciting time.

However, during these early days together, it’s easy to make simple mistakes that snowball into bad behaviors and habits that need to be corrected later!

So during the first week of Puppy Programming™, we’ll teach you how to get off on the right foot – having fun while establishing a training foundation that will last a lifetime!

Lessons will include:

  • Puppy Proofing Your Home...(It’s far more than just moving breakables to higher shelves – learn to view your home from the eyes of your puppy, and remove tempting situations, dangerous objects, and toxic poisons!)
  • Getting Ready To Potty Train... (This lesson sets an early foundation for housebreaking lessons to follow.)
  • Early Bonding With Your New Puppy... (Dog whispering secrets that will help you to forge a lifetime connection with your new puppy, teaching him to focus on you!)
  • Teach Your Puppy To Recognize His Name...(Results in the first day!)



It’s the first thing every new puppy owner wants to know:

How do I get my new puppy to STOP peeing/pooping in the house?

So throughout the 12-week program, we’ll walk you through a series of training exercises that will help you train your new puppy to urinate and defecate outdoors, in an appropriate spot that you’ve designated just for them.

Topics covered in the video lessons will include:

  • Reasonable Expectations For Potty Training Your New Puppy
  • Body Language That Says “I Need To Pee”
  • How Often To Take Your Puppy Outside To Relieve Themselves
  • When To Consider Restricting Food & Water
  • Dealing With Accidents – Without PUNISHMENT!

Plus, the program also includes ADVANCED LESSONS in Potty Training that include:

#1 – Teaching Your Puppy To Pee/Poop In One Area Of Your Yard

#2 – Teaching Your Puppy To “Pee” On Command (useful so you don’t spend hours standing outside in the dark and rain, waiting for fido to pee!)

#3 – Using Your Puppy’s Natural Instinct To Remain “Clean” To Help Potty Train

Young puppies have limited bladder control...

However, if you’re committed to a regular feeding and watering schedule as outlined in our program, and you’re consistent about following the directions provided, it’s not unreasonable to expect your puppy to be regularly relieving themselves OUTSIDE, with little to NO accidents, within 14 days of starting the training program.



New puppies are intensely curious about the world around them. So during our first few weeks of training, we’ll be discussing how to start socializing and exploring with your puppy, while also keeping them SAFE!

Video training lessons will include:

  • Training The “Drop It” and “Leave It” Commands… (Safety commands that EVERY dog should know!)
  • Crate Training Your Puppy… (So they’ll be safe, happy, and secure in your absence!)
  • Teaching Your Puppy To LOVE Being Touched Over Their Entire Body… (Essential for keeping vet visits a positive experience.)
  • When To Vaccinate Your Puppy… (Do you know YOUR puppy’s vaccination schedule? We’ll review the standard vaccines in this video.)
  • When It’s SAFE To Start Taking Your Puppy Out In Public… (Warning: You must wait until after this critical set of vaccinations or your puppy will be at risk of contracting parvo virus!)



Rewarding good behavior is about more than offering your puppy “food treats.”

In fact, you need to be careful! If you overdo the food treats, you can easily create a dog that only listens when bribed with food…!

So throughout Puppy Programming™, we’ll be teaching you a series of reward strategies that, when used in combination, actually create a dog that’s MORE motivated, MORE focused, and BETTER behaved!

Lessons include:

  • Secrets For Harnessing “Play Drive” As Reward
  • How To Incorporate Toys Into Your Training Routine
  • Teaching Your Dog To Work For “Clicks”… (using a training clicker.)
  • Using Voice Markers To Direct And Praise
  • Food Rewards That Taste Great – But Don’t Make Your Dog FAT!



No puppy is born “bad.”

They all just need to learn how to adjust their natural canine behaviors to live in our world. And this takes time and training on your part.

Thought processes and rules that seem “logical” to you are, 9 times out of 10, beyond the comprehension of your dog. So EVERYTHING must be taught.

And that’s why Puppy Programming™ is focused on:

1. Anticipation 2. Prevention 3. Redirection 4. and Teaching

… Never punishment!

Look, punishing your puppy won’t make you feel good. Who feels good yelling, smacking, or jerking the leash of a BABY?

And trust me, dominating your puppy will make you feel like the biggest jerk, too, so don’t bother with that either.

If your puppy makes a mistake or does something bad, it usually means YOU failed to anticipate, prevent, and redirect. And, it creates an opportunity to teach a NEW, more acceptable behavior to replace the unwanted behavior next time.

So in Puppy Programming™, we’ll be showing you how to teach…

  • No biting
  • No jumping
  • No chewing
  • No pushing
  • No nipping
  • No begging
  • No mouthing
  • No digging
  • No whining
  • No scratching at doors
  • No growling
  • Quiet commands

Still can’t picture how you’re going to train your puppy…
WITHOUT punishing him?

… Then you’re a perfect candidate for Puppy Programming™!

Because video lessons are going to show you exactly how it’s done, over and over again, until you’re able to naturally apply this powerful “hands off” training philosophy to any problem you may encounter with your dog!



Some puppies are naturally more social than others. So during Puppy Programming™, we’ll discuss how you can assess your puppy’s temperament and socialize him appropriately – no matter whether your puppy is outgoing or shy, social or reserved.

Topics covered will include:

  • Early Family Bonding… (creating a connection that sets a strong foundation for communicating with and training your dog).
  • Phase 1 of Socialization… Starting With People You Know (start early training like “no jumping” and “no mouthing” with family and close friends).
  • Phase 2 of Socialization… Strangers (begin applying ‘good manners’ to strangers out in public).
  • Phase 3 of Socialization… Strange Dogs (teaching your puppy how to behave appropriately around new and unfamiliar dogs, without fear or aggression).
  • Listening In Busy Public Settings… (teaching your puppy to focus on you and obey commands in unfamiliar locations with high levels of distraction).



Puppies don’t remain little and cute forever.

So during Puppy Programming™, we’ll show you how to start early and teach your puppy to behave calmly, with manners, so he’ll be welcome ANYWHERE by ANYONE as an adult!

We’ll cover:

  • Sitting calming to be pet
  • Tolerating touch all over the body
  • Waiting patiently for attention
  • No jumping on guests
  • No door rushing company to your home
  • Being “quiet” – no unwanted barking or whining

...Plus More!



Just like you’d expect, Puppy Programming™ also contains video training for all of the most common obedience commands including:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Walk calmly on leash

However, we take this training many steps further, showing you how to then build on these foundation commands to teach more advanced obedience, with lessons that include:

  • Heel at your side, on and off leash
  • Spin in place – left turn AND right turn
  • Retrieve objects
  • Stand
  • Ring a bell (to go outside to pee)
  • Wait
  • Wait at the door (instead of pushing by you)
  • Sit stay (while you step away)
  • Come to front
  • Long down stay (while you step away)
  • Come about, to sit by your side
  • .....Plus More!

Works For All Puppies
Less Than 14 Months Old!

Wondering if your puppy is already ‘too old’ to start training with Puppy Programming™?

Your puppy continues to learn at an accelerated rate until they’re 14 months of age, so you’ll find that 90% of Puppy Programming™ will still apply to your older puppy, too!

If your dog is OLDER than 14 months, then I recommend you use my ‘Hands Off’ Training System that you’ll find here. It’s designed for older dogs that have developed bad habits that need to be reversed, as well as obedience training strategies that cater specifically to the learning styles of older, more mature dogs.

It’s Puppy Training Made 1-2-3 Easy

Look around the Web and you’ll quickly discover:

... With 5-6 videos per week (at 5-10 minutes each), delivered over 12 weeks, you’re getting nearly 13 hours of video training!

Yet you’re never overwhelmed, because you’re just watching a single 5-10 minute video every day or two – and then applying simple lessons learned to your everyday interactions and training sessions with your puppy.

And, it takes just 12 weeks to complete…

… So you’re never discouraged, looking ahead to the 12-24 MONTHS of training that most other programs recommend!

By taking advantage of your puppy’s accelerated learning phase, you ‘imprint’ all the key life skills quickly and efficiently – in just 3 short months.

Plus, The Entire Program Is EXTREMELY Affordable…

I’ve done the math, and if we were to deliver Puppy Programming™ on DVD, it would be a 13 hour program, packaged on 10-14 DVDs…

... And I would need to sell it for between $197 and $249 to cover my production costs (and still make a fair profit).

However, because I’ve set up the entire program to be delivered 100% online in a private, video library hidden on my website, there are no production or shipping costs…

… And this means that I’m able to bring you the entire program for the low, but still fair investment of just  $97 $72.75. (A 25% Discount This Week Only)

To compare:

… No, I think you’ll agree - $97 $72.75 is more than fair.


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At some point, you're going to hit a wall training your dog. Everyone does. Your dog will develop a bad habit that you'll need to correct.

But instead of tearing your hair out, like most dog owners do at this stage, you'll breeze past the problem.

Because with my 'Troubleshooting Training' video series at your fingertips, it will be EASY for you to overcome any training challenge you may encounter.

You'll get a NEW video each week, plus access to my complete video archive which includes:

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Still not sure Puppy Programming™ is right for you?

Then why not use our money back guarantee to try it risk-free for the next 6 weeks?

That's right, I'll let you use fully HALF of the entire video training system before deciding whether or not my 'hands off' training philosophy is working for you and your puppy.

If you're nothing short of thrilled with the progress your puppy is making, learning house manners, social skills, obedience commands, and more...

... Then simply fire me an email within 6 weeks of purchase saying "not for me", and I'll refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.

Because I want to help make training your puppy a positive, fun experience.

And if you're not getting results, then I simply don't want your money.

The Complete Puppy Programming™ Video Library!

Remember… Puppy Programming™ comes with a generous money back guarantee.

So there’s no risk in signing up today, because you’ll have 6 weeks to evaluate the entire program before deciding whether or not it’s right for you.

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Won’t you join me?

And 12 weeks from now, when you’re getting compliments like “I can’t believe how FAST you trained him…” and “He’s so YOUNG, yet he already knows so many commands…”

… You can smile and feel good about HOW you trained your puppy, not just the end result!

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