Emotional Cures

TWO Ways To Stop Barking
(Which One Are YOU Using?)


I had a revelation last night while “Attempting” to give my two year old son a bath that I thought might be helpful for helping you get a handle on your dog’s barking.
Here’s what happened…

About a month ago my wife and I had our brand new baby girl, and like most new parents, we were feeling a bit overwhelmed with the addition of a second child into our little family, and for a few weeks we were really longing for as many helping hands around the house to help us adjust as possible, especially in regards to giving our first son, Jimmy, some attention so he wouldn’t feel left out with the new baby.

So I enlisted the help of my Mother…

Now I love my mother, and she was incredibly helpful that week keeping Jimmy entertained, but when it came to bath time, I really wished I would have bucked up and given my son his bath personally.

Here’s why…

Because for two or three nights in a row, I heard screams of stark terror coming from my son right after his bath started.  But when I’d run in to see what was wrong, my mom just calmly informed me that he got some soap in his eyes and that he was fine.

But he wasn’t fine…

For several weeks after those incidents, my son started telling me “No Wash Hair Dad!” as he was climbing into the bath tub.

Now I don’t know what you would have done in that situation, but at that time I realized I had two choices:

  1. The Don’t Worry He’ll Figure It Out Approach. Or…
  2. The Turn Water Pouring Over His Head Into Fun Event Approach

From my experience almost 90% of the population on earth would pick option number one, but here’s why that’s a problem…

Approach #1 Will Create A Dislike For Water & Only

Approach #2 Can Create An Excitement For Water

So what did I do?I turned washing his hair into a game.I asked HIM to point to a spot on his head that I could get wet, and poured only the SMALLEST amount of water there, followed by some tickles.  And I kept asking him to point to spots on his head that I could wash followed by tickles until he realized that getting his hair washed was really kind of fun, and he actually let me wash his whole head.So why do I share this story with you?Because the EMOTIONAL patterns of being bothered by water being poured over his head are a lot like the emotions running through a dog who barks at things that bother him.

In both cases both the child and dog are becoming bothered enough to VOICE their concerns, and in both cases you have two options.  You can either force them to deal with their emotional issues completely on their own, and just try to “figure it out”, or you can try to turn it into a FUN game that can alter their emotional reaction to that situation permanently.

I call this process of helping dogs learn to deal with negative emotions through the teaching of fun games, EMOTION TRAINING, because if you can get rid of the negative emotions causing your dog to misbehave, then the rest is a piece of cake.

cover1.JPGIf you’ve never tried Emotion Training techniques on your dog, I’d highly encourage you to click here and download my free report, Reprogramming the K9 Mind today.

This free report will walk you through the step-by-step process for identifying the root emotional causes behind his behavior, and point you in the direction of helpful training techniques for reprogramming them from negative problem causing emotions, into cheerful emotions of excited anticipation.

Plus, make sure you stay tuned for a new Emotion Training video I’ll be releasing in a few days that shows you how to reprogram your dog’s emotions when he sees things that bother him while walking on leash… it’s possibly the best technique for helping your dog stay calm on a leash that’s ever been taught.

Until Next Time… Happy Dog Training!

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